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February 22, 2017
Council this week - Highlights from February 22 County Council agenda

Annual drinking water reports, annual wastewater treatment plant reports, Ontario's waste-free strategy and more

2016 Drinking water system reports

Council will receive the County’s yearly update on its 17 municipal drinking water systems on February 22 with the submission of the2016Annual Water System Performancereports.

Public Works treated and supplied 11.8 million cubic metres of drinking water in 2016. Results received from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change rated compliance for nine of Oxford’s drinking water systems at 100%, with the remaining eight rated between 93% and 97%.

The Council report also gives an update on the County’s four Source Protection Plans, which focused on landowner outreach and education this past year, and its low-flow fixture rebate program to promote water conservation and efficiency.

Annual water system summary reports are a requirement of Ontario’s Safe Drinking Water Act for each of Ontario’s municipal water systems. The 2016 reports will be posted to the County website by February 28

Read Council report PW 2017-09

2016 Annual wastewater treatment plant reports

County Council will receive the2016 Annual Wastewater Treatment Plant Reportsand the2016 Biosolids Annual Reportat the February 22 Council meeting.

Eight of the County’s nine wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) achieved 100% compliance with their provincial effluent discharge limits. The Drumbo WWTP, which was recently re-rated to accept higher flows but with stricter discharge limits, received a compliance report of 95%. The County is working with engineering consultants to improve the Drumbo WWTP’s performance. A class environmental assessment to explore a possible upgrade or expansion of the plant is in progress.

The County’s 11 sewage collection systems reported four minor incidents to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change last year. They included sewage overflow in Norwich due to faulty measurement equipment; a power outage in Drumbo due to weather; a sewer forcemain leak in Ingersoll due to a faulty valve; and a sewer forcemain leak in Innerkip due to a contractor excavating error.

The 2016 Annual Wastewater Treatment Plant Reports will be posted to the County website by February 28

Read Council report PW 2017-07

County comments on Waste-Free Ontario Strategy

Oxford County’s comments on Strategy for a Waste-Free Ontario: Building the Circular Economy offer support for the Province’s plan and offers perspective from the County as a municipality actively moving towards becoming a zero waste community.

Oxford’s comments touch on options for organic waste solutions, the importance of public education and promotion, and an emphasis on approaches that consider the responsibility of generators of waste and not just producers. The report, and an accompanying letter from Zero Waste Oxford and Future Oxford, also acknowledges the Province’s leadership in committing to zero waste.

The Waste-Free Ontario plan is currently posted on the province’s environmental registry for public comment. The County’s comments will be formally submitted on Council approval.

Read Council report CAO 2017-03

Oxford County Waste Management Administration Building project

Oxford County Council will be asked to approve a $165,000 transfer from the Landfill and Waste Diversion Reserve Fund to fund a budget shortfall for the new administration building at the Oxford County Waste Management facility in Salford. The construction project, approved by Council in 2016, features a net-zero energy building design that will position the building as one of the highest energy performing office buildings in Canada and the first commercial building in Canada to achieve “Zero Net Energy” certification.

Read Council report PW 2017-05

Other reports and presentations

  • Presentation – Oxford Stewardship Award

  • CASPO 2017-39 – Application for Official Plan Amendment, OP 16-06-8 – Drewlo Holdings Incorporated

  • CS 2017-03 – Council Remuneration and Expenses – 2016

  • CS 2017-04 – Investment Activity Report - 2016

  • CS 2017-05 – 2017 Tax Policy and Assessment Study

  • PW 2017-06 – Disposal of Surplus Land – 884107 Oxford Road 8

  • PW 2017-08 – Revisions to the Reduced Load Limit By-law

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