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February 08, 2017
February 8, 2017

Short line railways, Sanitary sewer and watermain extension in Woodstock, and more

Empowering Ontario’s short line railways

On February 8, County Council will receive a draft copy of the County report, “Empowering Ontario’s Short Line Railways,” a research and policy piece that advocates for viable short line railways as recommended in the Canadian Transportation Act Review and Canada’s Transportation 2030 policy. Some of the reforms put forward in the report include tax credits to offset track and bridge rehabilitation; removing barriers to short line railways in seeking federal infrastructure funding; a program of grants and low-cost, long-term funding for capital investment; and a pooled insurance option for short lines.

Read Council report CAO 2017-02

Read the advance copy of Empowering Ontario’s Short Line Railways

Sanitary sewer and watermain extension in Woodstock

Oxford County Council is being asked to authorize billing and connection for a sewer and watermain project extension completed on Parkinson Road in Woodstock in 2015. Total costs for the project are $216,285. With Council’s approval, the County will begin billing property owners, who have an option to make a lump sum payment for the full balance; enter into a five or 10-year debenture payment plan applied to their annual property bill; or arrange private funding.

Read Council report PW 2017-01

Other reports and presentations

PW 2017-03 – Parking Policy Update

PW 2017-04 – Oxford County Courthouse Flooring Replacement and Painting Project

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