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January 25, 2017
January 25, 2017

2017-2020 water and wastewater rates, Norfolk Mall redesignation and more

Oxford County comments on Norfolk Mall redesignation

Oxford County Council will be asked next meeting to endorse comments on a proposal to redesignate lands immediately abutting the Town of Tillsonburg, commonly referred to as the Norfolk Mall. The proposal to redesignate the lands has been put forward by Norfolk County as an “option for consideration” in a report titled “Grow Norfolk,” which is an options paper related to Norfolk’s 5-year review of its Official Plan. Key among Oxford County’s considerations is a concern that redesignating the mall’s location from special policy hamlet to commercial shopping centre could negatively impact the function of downtown Tillsonburg. This runs counter to the long-standing working relationship and mutually compatible planning policies that exist between Oxford and Norfolk for this area.

Read Council report CASPO 2017-20

2017-2020 Water and Wastewater rates

At the January 25 meeting, County Council will be asked to approve water and wastewater rates for 2017-2020 for all municipal systems in Oxford County. Rates were originally presented to Council at the October 26, 2016, meeting and amended since then based on community and stakeholder consultation.

New for the 2017-2020 term is the harmonization of the eight rural municipal wastewater system rates to a single township rate consistent with the rural water systems rates, reducing confusion for customers and placing Oxford’s rural municipalities on a “level playing field” that reduces financial risk and lowers costs for‎most rural communities. The Council report also recommends borrowing CSAP reserve funds to cover unfinanced capital for the Embro and Innerkip wastewater systems.

The new rates are effective April 1, 2017, for a four-year term as a way of offering customers more predictability and also to help the County with long-term financial planning that aligns with its Asset Management Plan.

Read Council report PW 2017-02

Other reports and presentations

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CASPO 2017-18 - Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 16-10-8 – City of Woodstock

PHES 2017-02 - Board of Health 2016 Financial Controls Checklist

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