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November 18, 2016
Council this Week - Highlights from the November 23 County Council agenda

Council to receive an update on research at the Thornton wellfield and a new proposed speed zone in Norwich

Thornton Wellfield Source Water Protection update

County Council will receive an update from Dr. David Rudolph from the University of Waterloo on the on-going research on nitrate levels in the Thornton wellfield. The research has been ongoing since the 1990s to determine the source of high nitrate levels in the wellfield and the effectiveness of best management practices to mitigate this issue. The Thornton wellfield is a main drinking water source for Woodstock, Sweaburg and the eastbound 401 ONroute. Council will hear how best management practices are having a positive impact on nitrate levels and how this research has contributed to the Provincial and worldwide implementation of source water protection.

Read Council Report PW 2016-68

Ontario Early Years Child and Family Centres

Oxford County’s Human Services department will soon be responsible for the local management of Ontario Early Years Child and Family Centres (OEYCFCs). The new role stems from a Ministry of Education announcement earlier this year to transition funding to create a more integrated and cohesive system of services and supports for children ages 0-6.

Council will receive an update on the new approach that will see the Ontario Early Years Centre and Parent and Family Literacy Centre in Oxford be administered by the County starting in 2017.

Read Council Report HS 2016-10

Speed zone modification on Oxford Rd. 59

Public Works is recommending a 40km/hr speed zone on Oxford Rd. 59 during school hours along the frontage of Emily Stowe Public School in the Village of Norwich. The issue of speed in front of the school was raised during a public meeting for the Stover St. reconstruction project. Funding of new signage for the new speed zone would be included, pending council’s approval on November 23.

Read Council Report PW 2016-65

Other reports and presentations

  • CASPO 2016-270 - Application for Approval of Draft Plan of Subdivision: Norwich Pines
  • PW 2016-66 - County Forests and County Lands Use By-law Amendment
  • CS 2016-37 - Reserves Year End Allocations and Policy Review
  • CS 2016-38 - 2017 Insurance Program
  • CS 2016-39 - OILC Debenture Issues - Woodstock and Tillsonburg
  • CS 2016-40 - Long Term Debt Financing - Tillsonburg
  • CS 2016-41 - OILC Funding Application - Woodstock
  • CAO 2016-17 - Sustainable Energy Trailer Ownership

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