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October 07, 2016
County Forests and County Lands Uses By-law

Oxford County owns and maintains several parcels of forest and other natural areas.

While publicly-owned property, these lands are controlled by the “County Forests and County Lands Uses By-Law.

Passive activities such as hiking, walking a dog that is controlled by a leash, and cross country skiing may be permitted.

The by-law also may prohibit activities like dumping, cutting trees, starting fires and other uses that may put public safety at risk or cause damage to the environment. Those caught violating the by-law could be subject to a fine.

While hunting is prohibited on many of these properties, there are some tracts of land where hunting is permitted.

Please read the by-law posted below for full details on the regulated and prohibited activities that pertain to each tract of land, along with maps on the locations of these areas.

County Forests and County Lands Uses By-Law NO 5854-2016

bylaw map

If you have any questions contact:

Oxford County Customer Service
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm
Phone: (519) 539-9800 x3915