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September 23, 2016
Council this Week: Highlights from the September 28 County Council agenda

Draft Zero Waste Plan, customer feedback policy, municipal housing projects and more

Draft Zero Waste Plan

Oxford County Council will weigh another significant step forward in realizing the Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan next week when it considers the Draft Zero Waste Report.

The County’s Draft Zero Waste Plan outlines how the County will work with the public and local partners-- like area municipalities and provincial and federal governments—as well as international partners to reduce waste production and recover resources from the waste stream. Oxford’s zero waste strategy aligns with the Ontario Climate Change Action Plan, the Waste Free Ontario Act, 2016 and the Waste Free Ontario Strategy.

To meet the objectives of the Zero Waste Plan, the Council report seeks $400,000 in additional funding to be financed by the Landfill and Waste Reduction Reserve. The funds will be used to undertake a detailed audit of Oxford’s current waste stream and to assess different resource recovery technologies and to identify those that are most compatible with our community’s goals.

Read Council Report CAO 2016-14

Municipal housing agreements

County Council is being asked to approve funding for two municipal housing projects next Council meeting:

  • $1.13 million for 16 one-bedroom units on Concession Street, managed by Community Living Tillsonburg; and
  • $1.03 million for 22 bachelor units on Blossom Park Road in Woodstock, managed by Indwell.

The two projects will be the first multi-residential affordable housing projects in Oxford County built to Passive house standard, meaning they will feature energy efficient design and Passive solar energy use to net out to zero, or near zero, energy use.

Read Council Report HS 2016-08 | Update to this report: HS 2017-02

Customer Feedback Policy

A new, more formal process for responding to customer feedback goes before County Council on September 28. The new policy standardizes steps County staff will take in responding to, resolving, tracking, and reporting on customer feedback.

The County’s 2014 Service Excellence Strategy identified the need to improve customer comment and complaint procedures. The recently expanded role of the Ontario Ombudsman in investigating municipal complaints helped shape the direction of the new policy.

Read Council Report CAO 2016-13

Other reports and presentations

Delegation: Resident of South-West Oxford re: opposition to green energy

CASPO 2016-227 - Application for Official Plan Amendment, OP 16-05-8 – City of Woodstock

PHES 2016-05 - 2017 Land Ambulance Response Time Performance Plan

PW 2016-51 - County Forests and County Lands Regulated Use By-law

PW 2016-52 - Encroachment Agreement, Oxford Road 3, 31 Wilmot Street North, Drumbo

PW 2016-53 - Oxford Road 119 – Speed Zone Modification

PW 2016-54 - Oxford Road 8, Washington – Speed Zone Modification

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