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June 03, 2016
Council this Week - Highlights from the June 8 County Council agenda
Funding for electric vehicle charging stations and wastewater policies top council's agenda

Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario (EVCO) program funding agreement

Oxford County Council will be asked to authorize a Transfer Payment Agreement (TPA) from the province for just over $350,000 to fund the installation of four Level 2 and two Level 3 electric car chargers in Woodstock and Ingersoll. Council will also be asked to finalize agreements with the Town of Ingersoll and the Quality Hotel & Suites in Woodstock to install the chargers.

County staff would also pursue additional funding opportunities to install more charging stations to make Oxford County fully accessible for electric vehicles.

Read Council Report CAO 2016-06


Annual progress report on the 10 year shelter plan

County Council will receive update on affordable housing initiatives that were started or completed in 2015. Among the key accomplishments are three projects that were approved to support 52 affordable housing units in Woodstock, Tavistock and Innerkip. As well, the Housing First Policy and Disposal of Land Policy Amendments in 2015 will support future affordable housing development.  

Read Council Report HS 2016-07


Wastewater Over-Strength/Abatement Agreement with GM Canada (CAMI)

An Agreement with General Motors of Canada to permit the discharge of over-strength wastewater from GM’s CAMI Automobile Assembly Plant will be before County Council. Wastewater charges set out in the proposed Agreement with GM are consistent with those in Agreements with other industrial customers. Under this agreement, GM would pay normal wastewater fees and any over-strength sewage charges will be based on flows and sewage strength.

Read Council Report PW 2016-08


Revised Grinder Pump Policy

Public Works is bringing forward revisions to the Grinder Pump Policy to include greywater systems that are being installed in the Mount Elgin wastewater system. County Council will be asked to approve the policy changes to assist Mount Elgin property owners who are required to install greywater systems on their property and connect to the municipal system before a September 30, 2016 mandatory connection deadline.

Read Council Report PW 2016-27


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