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January 11, 2016
Cash in with Oxford County's water efficiency rebate program
Rebates are available for upgrading to a new water efficient toilet or washing machine

Oxford County water customers will be able to apply for a cash rebate on the purchase of a new water efficient toilet or washing machine under a new program that launched on January 1, 2016.

By purchasing and installing a new water efficient toilet or washing machine, and then disposing of the old inefficient model at the Oxford County Waste Management Facility, residents can apply for rebates of $50 (toilet), and $100 (washing machine).

The following guidelines apply to the program:

  • Applicants must be connected to a municipal water supply within Oxford County and have a water account in good standing
  • Toilet rebate does not apply to new construction, additions or homes built after 1995
  • A new WaterSense® toilet must replace an old 13-litre or larger toilet
  • A new ENERGY STAR® rated model washing machine must replace an old top load washing machine

Residents are encouraged to visit and read full details, and to download application forms. These forms can also be picked up from Oxford County’s Customer Service department at the Oxford County Administration Building, area municipal offices, or one of Oxford County’s library branches.

Residents can submit their completed forms, along with their disposal and purchase receipts to Customer Service at the Oxford County Administration Building at 21 Reeve St. in Woodstock, and Oxford County will mail their $50 or $100 rebate.

Not only will residents be saving money off the purchase of their new toilet and/or washing machine, but will also be doing their part to conserve our valuable groundwater resources.

Owners of multi-residential buildings with seven or more units can apply for low flow fixture rebates under the Water Capacity Buy-Back Program. These property owners can contact Oxford County Public Works for further details.




Deborah Goudreau, Manager of Water Services, County of Oxford

“We hope residents will take advantage of this new rebate program. The rebate may help tip the scales if they were already considering replacing an old toilet or looking at upgrading their washing machine. On top of receiving the rebate, they’ll be saving money on their monthly water bill while doing their part to conserve water. The program will not only be a great benefit to residents, but to our water supply and the environment. Everyone wins.


Quick facts

  • Nearly 30% of household water use can be attributed to flushing toilets.
  • Replacing an old 13 litre toilet with a 4.8 litre model will save up to 50 litres of water per day, for an annual savings of about $35 for the average household water bill per toilet.
  • Older top load washing machines can use 100 litres more water per load than a new high-efficiency model.
  • The average family of four washes 300 loads of laundry each year. Upgrading to a new water efficient model could save up to $50 per year.



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