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October 01, 2014
Catfish Creek Source Protection Plan approved
Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change approves Catfish Creek Source Protection Plan

Read the full Catfish Creek Conservation Authority news release: Catfish Creek Source Protection Plan approved (Sept 30)

Read the Government of Ontario news release: Protecting Catfish Creek-Area Drinking Water - Ontario Supports Actions to Safeguard Drinking Water (Sept 30)



A plan to protect the sources of municipal drinking water in the Catfish Creek watershed has been approved by the province, the Catfish Creek Conservation Authority and Oxford County announced today.

The plan was approved by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment on Sept. 19, 2014.

The Catfish Creek Source Protection Plan outlines the policies and programs that will protect two municipal wells serving 500 residents of Brownsville in South-West Oxford Township. The Brownsville water system is owned and operated by Oxford County.

The development of the Catfish Creek plan was led by the Lake Erie Region Source Protection Committee, one of 19 created across the province. The committee also developed plans for the Kettle Creek, Long Point Region and Grand River watersheds. The development of the plan also included an extensive public education and consultation process stretching over six years.

The Catfish Creek Source Protection Plan was submitted to the ministry for approval on April 10, 2014. Before approving the plan, the ministry reviewed it to ensure it met the objectives of the Clean Water Act.

The plan will come into effect on Jan. 1, 2015. The plan and its associated documents are available at



"We're pleased the Catfish Creek plan has been formally approved for implementation. Staff of the Catfish Creek Conservation Authority and Oxford County have put a lot of effort into ensuring Brownsville residents will continue to have access to safe, high-quality municipal drinking water."

   - Craig Ashbaugh, Chair, Lake Erie Region Source Protection Committee

"We are very thankful to have the plan finished and approved. It has been a lot of hard work and taken a long time but is well worth the effort. The staff working in the Lake Erie Source Protection Region have done an excellent job. Being a small conservation authority made it much easier to complete the plan with all the needed scientific data for the two municipal wells in our area. The health and well-being of the citizens is now being protected."

   - Sally Martyn, Chair, Catfish Creek Source Protection Authority

"Oxford has a long history of groundwater protection and partnership with local conservation authorities. The success of the Source Protection Committee in bringing together municipalities, businesses, farmers and others to define a plan that protects our local water supplies is an achievement that will extend far into our future."

   - Oxford County Warden Don McKay

"Completing the Catfish Creek Source Protection Plan is a key step in meeting the County’s obligations under Ontario’s Clean Water Act. As the County’s first approved source protection plan, the Catfish Creek Source Protection Plan marks an important new chapter for us, one with several more to follow as we work with our partners to complete protection plans for Oxford’s other watersheds."

   - Deborah Goudreau, Manager, Water Services, Oxford County



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