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March 10, 2014
Libraries to open on Sundays
Oxford County Library branches in Ingersoll and Tillsonburg to begin 3-month trial of Sunday hours

Starting March 16, Oxford County Library patrons will be able to take advantage of new service hours on Sundays. The Oxford County Library Board has approved opening the Tillsonburg and Ingersoll branches on Sunday afternoons from 1:00-4:00 p.m.


The new Sunday hours will be operated on a trial basis from March 16 to June 15, 2014. Following the trial period, usage will be analyzed to determine if opening on Sundays will be continued in the future.


A recent survey of library patrons demonstrated a keen interest in opening up the two branches on Sundays. Over 60% of those who participated in the surveys at the library branches, and online, indicated they would use the library if it were open on Sunday afternoons. Both Ingersoll and Tillsonburg surveys indicated a strong demand for book browsing and borrowing, Internet access, and access to newspapers and magazines for leisure reading.


Basic library service will be offered on Sunday afternoons allowing individuals and families to browse, read newspapers and magazines, check out books and DVD’s, while also taking advantage of free Wi-Fi, comfortable seating and hot beverage machine. Technology training will not be available, and research and reference assistance may be limited during the new Sunday hours.


The branches will be closed on Sundays during Easter (April 20) and Victoria Day (May 18) weekends.





“Sunday hours will make library services more accessible for people who may not be able to visit at other times because of work or family schedules. We expect it will be a popular time and a chance for people and families to make a visit to their library part of a relaxing Sunday afternoon.”

- Lisa Miettinen, CEO/Chief Librarian, Oxford County Library



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  • Oxford County Library is a multi-branch library system serving both rural and urban communities within Oxford County. Find a branch in your area.





One of the goals set out in the Oxford County Library 2014 Business Plan was to open on Sundays at the Ingersoll and Tillsonburg branches on a trial basis, subject to the results of a patron survey. Surveys were made available from mid-December until early February, and an electronic version of the survey was e-mailed to program attendees and teen advisory group members.155 surveys were completed and submitted in Ingersoll and 90 in Tillsonburg.

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