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December 03, 2021
Council this Week: Highlights from the December 8 County Council agenda

2022 Budget, election of the Deputy Warden and more

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2022 Business Plans and Budget

County Council will be asked for final review and approval of the Draft 2022 Business Plans and Budget next Council meeting.

Following updates from Council’s two special budget meetings, the draft budget prepared by staff currently projects a $66.3 million tax levy (amount to be collected through municipal taxes), an increase of 4.0% over 2021.

The proposed budget would increase County municipal taxes for the average residential property owner by 2.3% ($23 for the year). However, the final levy and impact on the average residential taxes won’t be known until after Council considers $439,500 in community grant requests and a motion to increase the Human Services budget by $1.5 million to address the housing shortage and homelessness, with 50% of that coming from taxation and 50% coming from reserves or the sale of surplus County lands.

Highlights of the Draft 2022 Budget include:

  • a $64.5 million capital plan that invests in information technology, equipment, fleet vehicles, and infrastructure renewal, encompassing roads and bridges, water and wastewater systems, social housing and corporate facilities, and more;
  • business plans for two new significant investments from the provincial government to support the health and wellbeing of those needing long term care supports, specifically for personal care in Woodingford Lodge, the County’s long-term care homes, as well as in-home services delivered by Paramedic Services through a new Community Paramedicine Program, both fully funded by the Province in the amounts of $2 million and $2.4 million respectively;
  • a Housing Strategy that identifies gaps across the housing continuum and action required to meet the County’s immediate and future needs, an initiative that also leverages provincial funding to establish an additional 66 affordable units in Oxford during 2022.

For more information, to download the budget package, or to watch past recordings of special budget meetings, visit

CS 2021-56 – 2022 Business Plans and Budget


Election of the Deputy Warden

County Council will elect a new Deputy Warden on December 8 for a one-year term. The term of office of the Deputy Warden, who assumes the responsibilities of the Warden if absent, is decided before the start of each new year during the Council term. In 2021, the role of Deputy Warden has been held by Ted Comiskey, Mayor/County Councillor for the Town of Ingersoll.


Other reports and presentations

  • Public Meeting for CP 2021-343: Application for Official Plan Amendment and Plan of Subdivision OP21-02-6; SB21-01-6 - Erie Thames Powerlines Corporation
  • CS 2021-55: Borrowing By-law - 2022


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