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October 08, 2021
Council this Week: Highlights from the October 13 County Council agenda

Official Plan, modernization funding, credit rating and more

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Start of Official Plan Five-Year Review

Council will be asked on October 13 to approve the start of the Review of Oxford County’s Official Plan. The Official Plan guides how land is used, what services are needed, and where growth will occur in Oxford County and its eight area municipalities. Under the Planning Act, municipalities are required to regularly review and update their Official Plans to ensure they continue to meet current provincial land use planning direction. The Official Plan review is to be undertaken in phases, with public input and community participation a part of each phase.

CP 2021-336 – Special Meeting of Council to Initiate a Review of the County Official Plan under Section 26 of the Planning Act | Presentation

Modernization funding, Intake 3

County Council will consider next Council meeting eight proposed projects to be undertaken as part of Ontario’s Intake 3, or third round, of municipal modernization funding. Oxford County is seeking $425,230 from the shared funding program and would contribute $158,970 from the County’s General Reserve for its portion. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing first announced municipal modernization funding in March 2019 to help small and rural municipalities improve how they deliver services and reduce future costs of services.

CS 2021-38 – Municipal Modernization Program Funding Proposals – Intake 3 | Attachments

2021 Credit rating review

Oxford County presents its AA+/Stable rating next Council meeting. The Standard & Poor’s rating is based on the County’s sound financial results and prudent financial management practices. With this rating, the County is able to secure financing at a lower rate and to pursue higher yield investment opportunities that would not be permitted with lower ratings.

CS 2021-40 – Credit Rating Review - 2021 | Attachment

Other reports and presentations


  • Delegation – 2022 Grant Request: Oxford Connection (Len Magyar)
  • Delegation – 2022 Grant Request: The Small Business Centre (Shawn McNamara)
  • Delegation – 2022 Grant Request: Oxford Invitational Youth Robotics Challenge (Brad Hammond)
  • Delegation – 2022 Grant Request: Oxford Physician Recruitment Group (A.J. Wells)
  • Delegation – 2022 Grant Request: Tillsonburg Regional Airport (Christian Perreault and Carlos Reyes)
  • Delegation – Oxford Tourism and Snyders Family Farm and Fear Farm (Meredith Maywood and Meghan Snyder)
  • Public meeting and report CP 2021-335 – Application for Official Plan Amendment & Plan of Subdivision OP 21-13-5; SB21-08-5 – Kingwood Riverside Towns
  • CP 2021-323 – Application for Redline Amendment to Draft Plan of Subdivision 32T-00001 – The Villages of Sally Creek
  • CS 2021-39 – Tax Policy – Optional Small Business Subclass
  • PW 2021-34 – Capital Budget Pre-Approval
  • CS 2021-41 – Asset Management Plan Update – Briefing Note


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