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July 28, 2021
Public Notice: Navigable Waters Act

Oxford County hereby gives notice that a submission has been added to the Common Project Search (online registry), pursuant to the Canadian Navigable Waters Act, for the work described herein and its sites and plans.

Pursuant to paragraph 4.1 and 9.1 of the said Act, Oxford County has deposited with the Minister of Transport, on the online Common Project Search Registry (, under the registry number 2934, a description of the following work, its site and plans:

Rehabilitation of the existing Cedar Creek Bridge (Structure 9342) including concrete repairs, barrier wall and railing replacement, sidewalk improvements, guiderail construction, and road paving in, on, over, under, through or across Cedar Creek at the Cedar Creek Bridge (Structure 9342) on Ingersoll Road (County Road 9), approximately 80 m south of the intersection with Dundas Street, with the work area extending approximately 30 m beyond each end (north-south) of the existing bridge structure.

Posted to the Oxford County website at this 27th day of July, 2021

Contact for information

Reuben Davis, P.Eng.
Supervisor of Engineering Services
Oxford County

Attached Files:

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