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March 19, 2021
Council this Week: Highlights from the March 24 County Council agenda

Speed management recommendations and annual waste management reports

Download the full agenda for March 24, 2021


Speed Management and Road Safety Reviews

County Council will be asked to authorize a number of recommendations to improve speed management and road safety in Kintore, Norwich, Otterville and Woodstock/East Zorra-Tavistock. In 2020, Oxford County initiated a review of speed and road safety in each of these areas and collaborated closely with area municipal partners, local residents and police. Immediate recommendations include installation of electronic speed feedback signs (Kintore, Otterville, Oxford Road 17, Oxford Road 30), a controlled pedestrian crossing (Oxford Road 19, Otterville), sidewalk accessibility modifications (Kintore, Norwich) and a 40km/hr school zone (A.J. Baker Public School, Oxford Road 119, Kintore). 

Read PW 2021-10 – Speed Management and Road Safety Reviews – Kintore, Norwich, Otterville and Woodstock/East Zorra-Tavistock 


Annual waste management reports

Public Works brings forward the 2020 Annual Waste Management Reports, which show the County’s facilities and operations performed well in 2020 and in general compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements. The reports indicate that approximately 96,600 tonnes of waste was processed and managed at the County’s waste management facility. The report further explains that based on current waste diversion activities, the County maintained an overall landfill waste diversion rate of approximately 40% in 2020. Annual waste diversion highlights included recycling of 8,000 tonnes of blue box material and five tonnes of bulk styrofoam, along with processing of over 20,000 tonnes of leaf and yard waste into marketable compost. The County landfill has a remaining service life of roughly 30 to 35 years based on current rates of waste generation and non-residential waste out-of-County exporting.

Read PW 2021-09 – 2020 Annual Waste Management Reports


Other reports and presentations

  • CS 2021-15 – Development Charges Background Study Update and Amending By-laws -2021


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