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September 09, 2020
Council this Week: Highlights from the September 9 County Council agenda

Intercommunity transportation, fees and charges by-law update, and more

Download the full agenda for September 9, 2020

Report back on intercommunity transportation

County Council receives a report back on September 9 on a collaborative partnership proposal for intercommunity bus transit in northern Oxford County. The report, which focuses on financial information and public feedback since the proposal was first before Council on July 8, shares that:

  • 40% of surveyed employers think that the service would help connect their employees to their workplace;
  • the majority of people who responded said they would use the service to travel both within and outside of Oxford County for work, medical/healthcare appointments, leisure purposes or to connect to other transportation systems; and
  • more than 60% of public respondents were favorable of a proposed tax levy and fare fees to help finance the transit system.

The report advises that Blandford-Blenheim, East Zorra-Tavistock and Zorra councils have approved multi-year project funding in principle, subject to further information, to help fund part of the proposed intercommunity transit system. The report also seeks a multi-year funding commitment from the County in principle and Council’s support for the release of a Request for Proposal for an externally contracted bus transit service. The proposed service would be annually financed by Ontario Gas Tax Transit funding (at a subsidy of over 50%), municipal contributions (tax levy), and ridership fare revenue.

More information on the proposed service is available on Speak Up, Oxford at

Read: PW 2020-37 - Intercommunity Transportation Update - Proposed Financial Plan and Public Consultation Campaign Findings

Other reports and presentations

  • Delegation: Future Oxford, Rural Oxford Economic Development, and Community Employment Services on Intercommunity Transportation - Ronda Stewart and Jeff Surridge
  • Public meeting and Council report CP 2020-209: Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 20-06-2 – Tracy & Jeff Feairs
  • Public meeting and Council report CP 2020-215: Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 19-02-8 – Woodstock Meadows Developments Inc.
  • Public meeting and Council report CP 2020-227: Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 20-07-3 – Joanne Cattrysse and Donald Doan (EFS Property Ltd.)
  • Public meeting and Council report PW 2020-38 – Declaration of Surplus Property for Transfer to South-West Oxford Road Allowance
  • CS 2020-36 - Fees and Charges By-law Update


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