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August 12, 2020
Council this Week | Highlights from the Aug 12 County Council agenda

Water and wastewater rate study, Council composition review update, face coverings by-law enforcement and more

Please note: This is an online meeting that can be viewed at on August 12, 2020, at 9:30 am. Download the full agenda

Water/wastewater rate study

County Council receives the 2021-2024 Water and Wastewater Rates Study next Council meeting and a presentation by project consultant Hemson Consulting on proposed changes to how some rates are administered. Water and wastewater rates are set every four years to cover operating costs as well as future capital investments that ensure the systems run safely, efficiently and sustainably into the future. For the coming term, the County is proposing harmonizing rates for the eight Township residential wastewater systems, a change that would result in savings of between 2% and 33% per household. The report also recommends implementing uniform wastewater rates for industrial, commercial and institutional customers County-wide, set at what is currently the lowest rate.

Read: CS 2020-31 – Water and Wastewater Rates Study 2021-2024

Council composition review update

Council will receive on August 12 a summary of public comments on the future composition of County Council and election of the Warden. Of the 127 people who completed the online survey, 86% expressed a preference to elect a County Warden, with broad support for the current four-year term of service to continue. There was also strong support to revisit representation from the area municipalities (96%), with many comments asking for an additional councillor for the Town of Tillsonburg. Next steps in the review are for Council to affirm its position on any changes through resolution, then for each area municipality to receive and consider the County Council resolution. If changes are endorsed at both levels, they are then submitted to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for final approval.

Read: CS 2020-33 – County Council Composition and Election of Head of Council (Warden) – Next Steps

Update to Council on Public Health face covering mandate

In follow-up to Southwestern Public Health’s recent Letter of Instruction issued by the Medical Officer of Health, all businesses and organizations have now been instructed to set policy ensuring no one is permitted to enter their enclosed public spaces without wearing a face covering.Policies for the use of wearing face coverings are similarly required for enclosed spaces accessible only to employees and not the public. At its next meeting, Council will receive the County’s face coverings policy that became effective August 6, which complements the resource materials developed by Southwestern Public Health.

The report also recognizes the Medical Officer of Health’s recommendation for municipalities to pass by-laws establishing a local approach to enforcement measures for wearing face coverings that would extend beyond the expiry of Provincial Orders.Prior to considering the passing of a by-law at a County-wide level, the County would have to secure its own appropriate enforcement resources consisting of public health enforcement personnel, local police, municipal by-law officers, contracted enforcement agency, or any combination thereof, all of which would be subject to service agreements.

Read: CS 2020-35 – Southwestern Public Health Face Covering Mandate

Other reports and presentations

  • Public meetings pursuant to the Planning Act: CP 2020-182, CP 2020-190, CP 2020-191, CP 2020-193, CP 2020-194 and CP 2020-196
  • Delegation – Oxford Ontario Health Team: Dr. Rachel Orchard, OHT Physician Lead
  • Delegation - No Parking Zone on Oxford Road 3 and Oxford Road 36: Linda and Graham Rawlinson, residents of Drumbo
  • CP 2020-182 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 19-18-5 – David Clendinning and Christian Specht
  • CP 2020-190 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 19-16-7 – Broadway TSB Inc.
  • CP 2020-191 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 20-10-7 – Hayhoe Rentals Limited
  • CP 2020-193 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 20-04-4 – Kevin & Karen Silverthorn (Salford Group Inc.)
  • CP 2020-194 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP20-08-4 – 711458 Ontario Ltd. (Van Ginkel)
  • CP 2020-196 – Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision SB18-12-3 – Stubbe’s Property Development Inc. Supplementary Report
  • PW 2020-32 – Removal of Surplus Land from Oxford Road 119 Road Allowance
  • PW 2020-33 – Modernizing Hazardous Waste Reporting in Ontario, Environmental Registry of Ontario Posting No. 019-1760
  • PW 2020-34 – Updating Ontario’s Water Quantity Management Framework, Environmental Registry of Ontario Posting No. 019-1340
  • PW 2020-35 – No Parking Zones - Oxford Road 3 and Oxford Road 36 (Township of Blandford Blenheim)
  • HS 2020-07 – Municipal Housing Facilities Agreement - DKP Realty Holdings Ltd.
  • CS 2020-32 – COVID-19 Financial Update and Business Plan Review – July
  • WDN 2020-06 – SWIFT 2.0 Project Funding Plan Update – Supplementary Information

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