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July 08, 2020
Council this Week: Highlights from the July 8 County Council agenda

Intercommunity bus service in northern Oxford, speed management and road safety on County roads, audited financial statements and more

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Intercommunity bus service in northern Oxford County

County Council will consider a proposal on July 8 to take the first steps in bringing intercommunity bus transit service to the north part of Oxford County. Work with regional partners is already underway to strengthen transportation links in the southern and central parts of Oxford County; however, northern Oxford, the report notes, has limited access to transportation connections and services. Through a proposed partnership that can leverage provincial gas tax transit funding, the County and the townships of Blandford-Blenheim, East Zorra-Tavistock and Zorra have an opportunity to develop the new intercommunity transit service, which could begin running as early as April 2021. The report seeks approval to start public consultation on the project and to prepare a Request for Proposals (RFP) for bus carrier service.

Read: PW 2020-29 – Intercommunity Bus Transit – Oxford County (North)

Speed management and road safety on County roads in Beachville, Hickson and Woodstock

County Council is being asked to endorse a number of proposed speed management and road safety measures for Beachville, Hickson, Oxford Road 2 (west of Woodstock) and Oxford Road 59 (between Oxford Road 17 and Oxford Road 33).

Among other proposed improvements, adjustments to speed zone limits and posted speeds in the subject areas are recommended to align with limits of built up area and Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) guideline criteria that promote uniform traffic flow and reduce the risk of collisions.The report also recommends the installation of electronic speed feedback signs (Beachville, Oxford Road 59); implementation of a 60 km/hour school zone (Woodstock Christian School, Oxford Road 59); and further traffic/pedestrian analyses (Hickson - Oxford Road 8, Beachville).

The proposed changes respond to community feedback and were further studied by County staff and an independent consultant.

Read: PW 2020-30 – Speed Management and Road Safety Reviews – Beachville, Hickson, Oxford Road 2, and Oxford Road 59

2019 Audited financial statements

Oxford County Council receives the 2019 Audited Financial Statements and an update on the Long-Term Financial Sustainability Plan next Council meeting. The Financial Statements indicate that the County ended 2019 with an operating budget surplus of $2,899,689. The staff report further explains that overall, the County’s strong liquidity position and moderate debt burden are key strengths that affirm its financial sustainability.

Read: CS 2020-27 – 2019 Audited Financial Statements

Other reports and presentations

  • Public meeting – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 19-17-8 – County of Oxford - CP 2020-154
  • Public meeting – County Council Composition and Election of Head of Council ( Warden) – Community Engagement - CS 2020-26
  • Public meeting – Closure of a Portion of a Road Allowance - Oxford Road 6 - PW 2020-26
  • Public meeting – Declaration of Surplus Lands - Towerline Road - PW 2020-27
  • CP 2020-154 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 19-17-8 – County of Oxford
  • CS 2020-26 - County Council Composition and Election of Head of Council (Warden) – Community Engagement Update
  • CS 2020-28 – COVID-19 Financial Update – June
  • CS 2020-29 – OILC Financing Application – Tillsonburg
  • PW 2020-26 – Oxford Road 6, Zorra Township Road Allowance Closure
  • PW 2020-27 – Declaration of Surplus Lands – 565733 Towerline Road
  • PW 2020-28 – Trans Canada Trail Bridge - Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study
  • WDN 2020-05 – Proposed SWIFT 2.0 Project Funding Plan Update


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