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February 26, 2020
Council this Week: Highlights from the Feb 26 County Council agenda

Oxford Stewardship Award, new contract for garbage and recycling program, drinking water system performance reports and more

Download the full agenda for February 26, 2020

Oxford Stewardship Award 

Oxford County Warden Larry Martin will present the 2019 Oxford Stewardship Award on February 26, honouring a local recipient for outstanding contributions to protecting Oxford’s natural heritage. Each year the award winner is bestowed with an original artwork commissioned from a local artist. Both the Oxford Stewardship Award winner and the local artist will be announced at County Council.


New contract for County garbage and recycling program 

County Council is being asked to authorize a five-year contract with Emterra Environmental, with option to extend for up to two years, to provide curbside collection of garbage, recycling and large articles. An additional contract for the same duration would also see Emterra transfer and process recyclables for the County.

With the contract, the County’s garbage and recycling collection is proposed to move to a rotating six-day schedule (collection every eight to twelve calendar days) and could incur minor changes to the types of materials collected in the blue box. No changes will be seen in Woodstock and South-West Oxford, which undertake their own curbside collection on behalf of the County through current service contracts.

Read: PW 2020-04 - Waste Management Contracts Award: Curbside Collection of Garbage, Recyclable Materials and Large Articles; and Transfer and Processing of Curbside Collected Recyclable Materials


2019 Drinking water system performance reports 

County Council will receive the 2019 Annual Water System Performance Summary reports on February 26. The County report notes that Public Works treated and supplied 10.5 million cubic metres of drinking water to 21 communities through 17 drinking water systems in 2019. At the time of this Council report, 14 of the 16 municipal drinking water systems inspected by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks received 100 per cent inspection ratings; two systems received inspection ratings of 95 and 96 percent; and the inspection report for Tavistock’s system is still to be finalized.

Annual water system summary reports are a requirement under Ontario’s Safe Drinking Water Act. The 2019 reports will be posted to the County website by February 29 at

Read: PW 2020-05 - 2019 Drinking Water System Performance

Other reports and presentations

  • Public meeting – Applications for Official Plan Amendment and Draft Plan of Subdivision OP18-06-5 and SB18-09-5 – Mimadala Holdings Inc. (CP 2020-42)
  • CP 2020-42 – Applications for Official Plan Amendment and Draft Plan of Subdivision OP18-06-5 and SB18-09-5 – Mimadala Holdings Inc.
  • CP 2020-34 – Application for Draft Plan of Condominium and Exemption from Draft Plan Approval CD 19-03-7 – Escalade Property Corporation
  • CS 2020-08 – Internal Debt Financing – Zorra
  • HS 2020-02 – Housing Partnership with the Township of Blandford-Blenheim
  • HS 2020-03 – Child Care and Early Years’ Service System Plan
  • PW 2020-06 – Support for Actions to Address Over-application of Winter Maintenance Chemicals to Protect Sources of Municipal Drinking Water
  • PW 2020-07 – Tillsonburg WWTP Optimization via Operational Excellence Provincial Grant Funding Agreement


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