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December 11, 2019
Council this Week | Highlights from the December 11 County Council agenda

2020 Budget, election of Deputy Warden and more

Download the full agenda for December 11, 2019

2020 Budget approval

The 2020 Business Plans and Budget come forward for final approval on December 11. County Council is being asked to approve a general purpose levy of $62,974,202, as well as special levies of $3,994,008 for library and $49,350 for court security and prisoner transportation in all municipalities except Woodstock, which funds these items through its own budget. The budget also proposes $481,500 in grants to community organizations and $23,300 for youth initiatives. Capital projects planned for 2020 total $56.8 million.

Based on the proposed levy of $63.0 million and under current tax policy, the average residential property would pay $24 more in property tax for County purposes in 2020, or $998 in total for the year. For more information or to download presentations from each budget meeting, visit

Read: CS 2019-54 – 2020 Business Plans and Budget

Election of Deputy Warden

Council will elect a Deputy Warden on December 11 for a one-year term. The term of office of the Deputy Warden, who assumes the responsibilities of the Warden in his/her absence, is decided at the start of each new Council term. The current Deputy Warden is Sandra Talbot, Councillor for the City of Woodstock.

Other reports and presentations

  • Delegation – Tillsonburg Chamber of Commerce: Proposed Draft Water By-law – Matt Esseltine and Shane Curtis
  • Delegation – Tillsonburg Economic Development Advisory Committee: Proposed Draft Water By-Law – Jesse Goossens and John Veldman
  • Delegation – Past Vice-President of CUPE Local 1589.01: The 2020 proposed plan of Snow Plow Route Optimization – Brad Archer
  • CP 2019-395 – Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision SB19-07-3 – Everest Estate Homes Inc.
  • PW 2019-50 – Tillson Avenue (Oxford Road 53) Pedestrian Study
  • CS 2019-53 – 2020 Insurance Program
  • CS 2019-55 – Extension to Agreements for Integrity Commissioner and Closed Meeting Investigator
  • CS 2019-56 – Long Term Debt Financing Summary
  • CS 2019-57 – Borrowing By-law – 2020


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