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October 23, 2019
COUNCIL THIS WEEK | Highlights from the October 23 County Council agenda

Blue box program changes, sewer use by-law, asset management and more

Download the full agenda for October 23, 2019


Blue Box program

County Council receives an update next Council meeting on the Province’s transition of the blue box program to full extended producer responsibility, which places the onus on producers to manage the environmental impacts of their products and packaging. This transition, which comes under the Waste-Free Ontario Act, 2016, shifts the costs of managing blue box programs away from municipalities to industry. The new program has a start date of January 1, 2023 and a completion date of December 31, 2025. While details of the new program are not fully known, the Council report indicates that the County will continue to participate in stakeholder consultations and provide input.

Read: PW 2019-44 – Transitioning the Blue Box Program to Full Extended Producer Responsibility                                                                                                                      


Updated sewer use by-law

Council will be asked on October 23 to review an updated sewer use by-law and to approve a public consultation process to seek feedback from residential, commercial and industrial customers on the draft by-law. The draft by-law, which has been updated from the previous one passed in 1987, includes new parameters for unacceptable pollutants into the wastewater system, as well as new requirements for spill response, pre-treatment, sampling and analysis and reporting.

Read: PW 2019-45 - Modernized Sewer Use By-law


Asset management systems review

County Council receives a consultant report next Council meeting that outlines 10 recommended projects to strengthen the County’s asset management systems. The projects focus on a number of areas, including better data collection, improving systems, and developing an asset risk framework. The projects have an estimated cost of $1.74 million to implement and have been prioritized over a three-year period starting in 2020. The County’s focus on asset management acts on Provincial direction started in 2008 to ensure municipalities are planning strategically for their future infrastructure needs.

Read: CS 2019-42 - Asset Management Systems Review


Other reports and presentations

  • Delegation – Social Planning Council of Oxford: 2020 Budget request – Stephanie Ellens-Clark & Karla Enns
  • Delegation – Oxford Creative Connections: 2020 Budget request – Mary-Anne Murphy
  • Delegation – Plastic bag ban – Jurgen van Dijken
  • Delegation – Oxford Workforce Development Partnership: 2020 Budget request – Natalie Surridge
  • CP 2019-325 - Application for Draft Plan of Condominium and Exemption from Draft Plan Approval CD18-06-8 – 2072627 Ontario Inc.


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