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September 11, 2019
Council this Week: Highlights from the Sept 11 County Council agenda

Hope House proposal, water and wastewater billing and collections, provincial funding update and more

Download the full agenda for September 11, 2019 

Hope House proposal 

County staff brings forward on September 11 a formal report on the feasibility of the Hope House proposal first presented to Council on July 10. The report notes that while there is significant private sector and community agency support for the project, there has also been opposition to its proposed location and use of County-owned facilities. Independent of these factors, the report explains that with the significant financial pressures and funding uncertainties faced by the County – and Human (social) Services in particular—it is not in a favourable position to support the initiative at present.  

Read: HS 2019-04 - Hope House Oxford proposal 


Water and wastewater billing and collections 

County Council will receive next council meeting a draft by-law that seeks to bring Oxford’s wastewater billing practices more in line with those of other municipalities. A key cost-saving change explained in the report is the proposed requirement for water and wastewater services to be billed in the property owner’s name, regardless of whether a residence is owner-occupied or rented. Under this scenario, unpaid water and wastewater charges would be added to the property owner’s municipal tax bill rather than transferred to a drawn-out and costly collection agency process. The draft Water By-law also recommends new fees for missing utility appointments, transferring unpaid bills to property taxes, and other services. The Council report notes that the County will undertake a public engagement campaign to educate people about the changes and to solicit feedback on how to best put them into place. 

Read: CS 2019-30 - Water and Wastewater Billing and Collections Review


Provincial funding update

County Council will consider next Council meeting new information from the Province that impacts municipal budgets. In Oxford County, the potential provincial funding shortfall for the 2019 and 2020 fiscal years is just over $1.7 million: $208,369 for public health services, $319,220 for child care services, and potentially up to $1.2 million for ambulance services. The Council report suggests planning for zero inflationary increases for 2020 ambulance services funding based on information provided by the Province to date, and requesting a report from Southwestern Public Health on how it intends to adjust its services to respond to the new provincial funding arrangement. The report notes that while staff continues to work to find ways to mitigate these shortfalls, downloading will have an unavoidable impact on Oxford County taxpayers. 

Read: CS 2019-31 - 2019 and 2020 Provincial Funding Announcements – Budget Impacts  


Other reports and presentations

  • Public meeting – Applications for Official Plan Amendment & Draft Plan of Subdivision OP 19-01-8 & SB19-02-8 – Tiffany Developments Corp. (CP 2019-278)
  • Delegation – Aggregate Ontario and the Aggregate Summit – Gavin Houston, Project Coordinator
  • Delegation – ISE Ontario International Exchanges 2020 Budget Request – Bryan Smith, Student Support Manager
  • Delegation – Hope House Oxford proposal – Micheala Weir, The Refuge at Trumpet of Truth Christian Ministries
  • Delegation – Hope House Oxford proposal – Winter Smith
  • Delegation – Hope House Oxford proposal – Karen Nilsson, Women’s Employment Resource Centre
  • Delegation – International Renewable Energy Academy (IREA) update – Dr. Jose Etcheverry, York University
  • CP 2019-278 – Applications for Official Plan Amendment & Draft Plan of Subdivision OP 19-01-8 & SB19-02-8 – Tiffany Developments Corp.
  • HS 2019-05 – Transfer Payment Agreement – Canada – Ontario Community Housing Initiative and the Ontario Priorities Housing Initiative
  • PS 2019-01 – Medical Tiered Response Agreement for the Town of Tillsonburg
  • PS 2019-02 – 2020 Land Ambulance Response Time Performance Plan
  • HR 2019-04 – Progressive Discipline Policy
  • CS 2019-33 – OILC Financing Application – Woodstock
  • CS 2019-34 – OILC Financing Application – Tillsonburg
  • CS 2019-32 – Fees and Charges By-law Update


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