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June 12, 2019
Council this Week: Highlights from the June 12 County Council agenda

Waste technologies update, shelter plan, asset management, financial statements and more

Download the full agenda for June 12, 2019

Waste technologies update

Public Works is seeking Council approval on June 12 on the preferred Waste Recovery and Reduction Technology (WRRT) sites that will help extend the service life of the municipal landfill towards the year 2100.

The County’s exploration and progressive pursuit of WRRT—in consultation with Zero Waste Oxford-- has been ongoing for more than two years.Following a lengthy assessment of various waste technologies, garbage composition audits and a public consultation and engagement campaign, Enhanced Material Recovery and Biological Treatment (organics) was endorsed by Council in July 2018 as the preferred WRRT approach to meet Oxford’s zero waste goals.

The proposed WRRT system recommends the Oxford County Waste Management Facility as the preferred site for an enhanced material recovery facility (sorting waste into recyclables, recoverable materials, food waste organics and common waste items) and the Ingersoll Wastewater Treatment Plant as the preferred site for biological treatment of food waste organics. The recommendation follows an in-depth analysis of several site configuration scenarios, ultimately taking into consideration factors such as capital and operating costs, impact to surrounding land use, site accessibility, utility servicing, required regulatory approvals and the footprint and layout requirements necessary to support a 50,000 tonne per year operation.

Read Council report PW 2019-29 – Advancing Zero Waste – Recommended Waste Recovery and Reduction Technology (WRRT) Site Configurations

Progress report on shelter plan

County Council receives the annual progress report on the County’s housing programs on June 12. The report notes that priorities in the 10-Year Shelter Plan resulted in 73 additional household rent subsidies in 2018, six households receiving financial assistance to buy their first home, and three construction starts that will add 84 new affordable housing units this year. The report reiterates that the housing crisis continues in Oxford County with the demand for housing greatly exceeding supply.

Read Council report HS 2019-03 - 2018 Annual Progress Report – 10 Year Shelter Plan

Asset management policy

Oxford County brings forward next Council meeting its Strategic Asset Management Policy, a requirement of all municipalities by July 1, 2019. The “strategic” asset management policy ensures that Oxford County has a long-term, evidence-based plan in place for its investment in public infrastructure—like roads, bridges, facilities and more—to better inform the annual business plan and budget process and ensure these assets are reliable and sustainable into the future.

Read Council report CS 2019-23 – Strategic Asset Management Policy

Audited financial statements

Oxford County Council receives the 2018 Consolidated Financial Statements and an update on the Long-Term Financial Sustainability Plan next Council meeting. The Financial Statements indicate that the County ended the 2018 year with an operating budget surplus of $1,792,409. The staff report further explains that overall, the County’s strong liquidity position and moderate debt burden are key strengths that affirm its financial sustainability.

Read CS 2019-22 - 2018 Audited Financial Statements

Other reports and presentations

  • Public meeting – Surplus Property Monetization – Declaration of Surplus Lands (PW 2019-27)
  • Delegation – Sue Sweeney, South West LHIN: Best Practice Spotlight Organization Award Presentation to Woodingford Lodge
  • Delegation – Lee Robinson, Dillon Consulting: Wastewater Servicing in Princeton
  • PW 2019-27 – Surplus Property Monetization – Declaration of Surplus Lands
  • PW 2019-19 – Speed Zone Modifications on Various County Roads
  • PW 2019-24 – On Street Accessible Parking and No-Stopping Zone on Various County Roads
  • PW 2019-25 – Transitioning Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Batteries to Full Extended Producer Responsibility
  • PW 2019-30 – Purchase of One Tandem Axle Truck with Tipping Frame
  • CS 2019-21 – 2019-2020 Auditor Appointments
  • CS 2019-24 – 2020 Draft Budget Schedule


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