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March 27, 2019
Highlights from the March 27 County Council agenda

Regional governance review, wastewater and waste management reports, and more

Download the full agenda for March 27, 2019

Regional Governance Review

With the provincial governance review underway, a report before County Council on March 27 presents a recommended approach to arriving at an “Oxford position” on governance structure. The report suggests that this approach begin with an assessment of all possible scenarios-- single tier, existing two-tier and refined two-tier-- in a way that leads to defendable, logical recommendations for Oxford County that translate into clearly defined outcomes, or improvements. The report further recommends that County Council must articulate what is important to protect regardless of any provincial decision about our municipal governance, for instance, its urban/rural balance at council. For illustrative purposes, the report also contains community, governance, service delivery and decision-making comparisons to the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, a single-tier municipal government with similar community characteristics to Oxford County.

Read Council report CAO 2019-03 – Regional Governance Review

Public Works reports

Public Works brings forward the 2018 Annual Wastewater Treatment Plant Reports and the 2018 Biosolids Annual Report at the March 27 Council meeting. Last year, six of the County’s nine municipal wastewater systems achieved 100% compliance ratings, one system received 95% compliance, and two received 93%, demonstrating continued exceptional performance of the County’s wastewater systems.

Council is also receiving the 2018 Annual Waste Management Reports, which show the County’s facilities and operations performed well in 2018 and complied with all regulatory requirements. The reports indicate that out of the approximately 96,400 tonnes of waste generated in Oxford County in 2018, roughly 68,000 tonnes were processed and managed at the County’s waste management facility while the remaining 28,400 tonnes were exported out-of-County to recycling markets or to private landfills. The report further explains that the County is achieving an overall waste diversion rate of approximately 42% and continues to maintain an estimated landfill service life expectancy to 2063.

Read Council report PW 2019-10 - 2018 Annual Wastewater System Performance and Council report PW 2019-08 - 2018 Annual Waste Management Reports

Other reports and presentations

  • Public meeting – Application for Draft Plan of Condominium and Exemption from Draft Plan Approval CD 18-03-6 –1749266 Ontario Limited
  • Delegation – Oxford County Federation of Agriculture: Dirk Boogerd, OCFA President, and Ben Le Fort, Senior Policy Analyst
  • CP 2019-37 – Application for Draft Plan of Condominium and Exemption from Draft Plan Approval CD 18-03-6 –1749266 Ontario Limited
  • CS 2019-13 – 2019 Tax Policy Review
  • CS 2019-12 – Court Security and Prisoner Transportation (CSPT) Program Agreement
  • CAO 2019-02 – Extension of Agreement for Integrity Commissioner and Closed Meeting Investigator
  • PW 2019-04 – Shaw’s Ice Cream Wastewater Over-Strength/Abatement Agreement
  • PW 2019-09 – Proposed Grand River Source Protection Plan Update
  • PW 2019-11 - Contract Award - 2019 and 2020 Road Resurfacing Improvements and Culvert Replacements

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