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March 13, 2019
Highlights from the March 13 County Council agenda

Tax policy, fleet idling, and Southwestern Public Health budget

Setting 2019 tax policy

On March 13 Council will receive information about the County’s 2019 tax policy, which comes forward for approval on April 10. Some of the tax policy considerations before County Council include the financial hardship program and tax ratiosto determine a fair distribution of the County and area municipal tax levies among the various property classes.

Read Council report CS 2019-10 – 2019 Tax Policy

Fleet idling policy

Oxford County is introducing a fleet idling policy that will further reduce its fleet greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and achieve cost savings by reducing fuel consumption. As one of several ongoing initiatives being implemented under the County’s 2016 Green Fleet Plan, this policy seeks to adopt a number of municipal best practices, such as limiting light duty vehicle warm-up time to 30 seconds, limiting vehicle idling to one minute per hour of operation, and using block heaters to help shorten start-up times.

Read Council report PW 2019-05 - Corporate Fleet Idling Policy

Southwestern Public Health budget

Southwestern Public Health will present on March 13 its first budget as the new health unit formed by the merger of Oxford County Public Health and Elgin St. Thomas Public Health. Southwestern Public Health has approved a budget requiring $2.8 million for Oxford County’s share of funding, an increase of $348,787 over the amount projected in the 2019 County budget. The total health unit budget that is not funded by the province is shared among Oxford County, Elgin and St. Thomas based on population.

Read Council report CS 2019-11 – 2019 Southwestern Public Health Budget

Other reports and presentations

  • Public meeting – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 18-12-3
  • Delegation – Cynthia St. John, Monica Nusink and David Mayberry, Southwestern Public Health
  • Delegation – Gavin Houston, Southern Ontario Fisheries Enhancement Initiative
  • CP 2019-67 - Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 18-12-3 – Veranda Property Investments Inc.
  • CP 2019-62 - Application for Draft Plan of Condominium and Exemption from Draft Plan Approval CD 19-01-8 – 2595421 Ontario Inc.
  • PW 2019-06 – Janitorial Services Tender Award
  • Workshop - Development Charges education session for members of Oxford County and Area Municipal Councillors and Staff

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