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February 27, 2019
Council this Week: Highlights from the Feb 27 County Council agenda

Drinking water system reports, water and wastewater billing, and more

2018 Drinking water system performance reports

Council will receive the 2018 Annual Water System Performance Summary reports on February 27. The County’s yearly report on its 17 municipal drinking water systems notes that Public Works treated and supplied 10.8 million cubic metres of drinking water to 21 communities across Oxford in 2018. Results received from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks rated compliance for 15 of Oxford’s municipal drinking water systems at 100 per cent and one other system at 95 per cent. The inspection report for the remaining water system (Tavistock) is still to be finalized by the Ministry.

The report details the County’s Drinking Water Quality Management System and recent updates to its water treatment and distribution system Operational Plans.The report also outlines progress on Oxford’s four Source Protection Plans. Last year, efforts focused on site visits to verify potential threats to municipal drinking water supplies and screening incoming development applications to assess any new potential threats.

Annual water system summary reports are a requirement under Ontario’s Safe Drinking Water Act. The 2018 reports will be posted to the County website by February 28 at

Read Council report PW 2019-03 - 2018 Drinking Water System Performance

Billing and collections for water and wastewater services

An independent review of the County’s water and wastewater billing and collections services is before Council at its February 27 meeting. The report estimates that savings of $1.4 million over five years could be realized by centralizing billings and collections “in house” at the County and introducing other administrative changes, such as transferring responsibility for water and wastewater charges for tenant units to landlords.

Read Council report CS 2019-09 - Water and Wastewater Billing and Collections Review

Surplus railway lands

Oxford County is looking to declare parts of a County-owned abandoned railway corridor in the Tillsonburg area as surplus, leaving this land available for purchase for other uses. A public notice on January 25 this year drew ongoing interest in the lands from adjacent property owners, a housing developer and the Town of Tillsonburg. As part of the public review process, a public meeting on February 27 will seek final comments before the lands are considered for potential declaration as surplus.

Read Council report PW 2019-02 - Declaration of Surplus Railway Lands

Other reports and presentations

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