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September 27, 2018
Reports to the community highlight partnerships, focus on the future

“Delivering the Vision” 2015-2018 term report and 2017 Annual Report available now at

Delivering on the promise of a vibrant, sustainable future for all residents is the theme of two reports released by Oxford County at the September 26 Council meeting.

Delivering the Vision: Strategic Plan Progress Report, 2015-2018” outlines Oxford County’s achievements over the past four-year Council term, from programs like Oxford Fresh and long-term care best practices that profile our community, to the County’s ongoing commitments and actions to achieve 100% renewable energy, zero waste, and zero poverty through community partnerships.

The publication offers more information to residents about some of the news and campaigns they have seen in recent years, including plans to explore enhanced material recovery and biological treatment technologies that could recover up to 90% of mixed solid waste destined for landfill and, as a result, extend the life of the current municipal landfill to 2100.

The 16-page publication is available through the County website at A printed version can be requested by emailing

Oxford County’s 2017 Annual Report is also online following the web-based format of the past few years. With a focus on achievements specific to 2017, the report shares the County’s advocacy for high-performance rail over high-speed rail, an option that better serves Oxford’s rural communities, and its introduction of Canada’s first hybrid ambulance and CNG (compressed natural gas) snow plows, both of which build the County’s “green fleet” of low-carbon vehicles. 

Annual statistics show that in 2017, Oxford County:

  • Responded to 12,813 ambulance calls 
  • Managed 565 not-for-profit housing units, 430 affordable housing units, and 628 subsidized public housing units 
  • Fielded 310,019 visits to County library branches 
  • Processed 12,697 provincial offences charges and scheduled 7,453 Provincial Offences Court matters 
  • Achieved a 59% diversion rate of material from the municipal landfill 

The 2017 Annual Report is also available at



Warden David Mayberry, Oxford County

“The prevailing theme through all of the work accomplished over the past four years is community support. We were only able to reach these milestones through the dedication and generous offer of time and resources from local businesses and entrepreneurs, community organizations, and the many individual citizens who have served on various committees and partnerships. It is encouraging, even inspiring, to continue to receive interest from people in the community who see the value of our future-building work and who want to be a part of it.”



PDF/JPG – Cover: Delivering the Vision: Strategic Plan Progress Report, 2015-2018


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Located in the heart of southwestern Ontario at the crossroads of Highways 401 and 403, Oxford County has a population of approximately 114,000 people across eight area municipalities that are “growing stronger together.” As a partnership-oriented, two-tier municipal government, Oxford County is emerging as a leader in sustainable growth through the Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan and County Council’s commitment to achieving 100% renewable energy, becoming a zero waste community, and working towards zero poverty. Situated in one of Ontario’s richest areas for farmland, agriculture is a key industry that serves as a springboard for some of the sustainable industries that are steadily diversifying the local economy. Oxford County offers a thriving local arts, culture and culinary community, as well as conservation parks, natural areas and more than 100 kilometres of scenic trails. The Oxford County Administration Building is located in Woodstock, Ontario. Visit or follow our social media sites at Oxford County’s Strategic Plan is at



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