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June 20, 2018
Public Notice: Declaration of Surplus Lands

Parts of Abandoned Railway Corridor                                          

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TO ALL PERSONS, in accordance with Oxford County Policy on the Disposal of Land, and amendments thereto, that the Oxford County Council proposes to deem the following lands to be surplus to the needs of the County:

Various railway corridors crossing through Tillsonburg, Norwich and South-West Oxford.

Please note that legal description and detailed property mapping is  available upon request or can be viewed at the Customer Service desk in the Oxford County Administration Building, as well as at the Tillsonburg, Norwich, and South-West Oxford municipal offices.

The County intends to dispose of sections of the abandoned railway corridor that have been deemed as not viable for use as utility and/or trail corridors, as well as, surplus flank lands through wider sections of the former railway corridors.

A report and by-law will be considered for adoption at the Council meeting outlined below. Written comments and/or verbal comments will be considered at the Council meeting noted below.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 9:30 AM
Council Chamber
Oxford County Administration Building

Additional information concerning this proposal is available by calling 519-539-9800. For more information and/or to submit written
comments, contact the Office of the Clerk.

Frank Gross, C. Tech
Manager of Transportation and Waste Management, Oxford County

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