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February 08, 2018
Tender Notice - Multiple Fleet Vehicles

Oxford County invites submissions for Multiple Fleet Vehicles (shown below), to be received until Thursday February 22, 2018​ at 2:00 p.m. (local time).


Tender documents may be downloaded in PDF form without a subscription at the links below:

Tender-FLT-2018-009 (PW-F-18-001) – One (1) Three Quarter Ton Cargo Van with High Roof

Tender-FLT-2018-011 (PW-F-18-002) – Two (2) Half-Ton 4x2, Extended Pickup Trucks

Tender-FLT-2018-012 (PW-F-18-003) –  Three (3) Half-Ton 4x4, Extended Pickup Trucks

Tender-FLT-2018-013 (PW-F-18-005) – One (1) Three Quarter Ton Cargo Van

Tender-FLT-2018-014 (PW-F-18-014) – Three (3) Three-Quarter-Ton 4x2, Extended Pickup Trucks

Tender-FLT-2018-015 (PW-F-18-004) – One (1) Compact 4x2, Extended Pickup Truck


Responses must be submitted electronically through the posting at the links above. A subscription is required to register for the opportunities and to make a submission.


Questions and requests for additional information can be submitted using the “Submit a Question” feature, through the postings at the links above, without a subscription.


To sign up as a vendor please visit Instructions on how to sign up are posted in our public update:

Oxford County launches new eProcurement tool.

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