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Southwestern Ontario deserves a high-speed rail EA that considers all options
April 19, 2018
Southwestern Ontario deserves a high-speed rail EA that considers all options

High-performance rail  (HPR) offers advantages over high-speed rail (HSR) that should be considered for the proposed Toronto-Windsor high-speed rail corridor

Oxford County continues to advocate for strong transportation links that ensure the economic sustainability of the region.

Oxford County believes the Province of Ontario's Environmental Assessment (EA) for its High-Speed Rail (HSR) proposal along the Toronto-Windsor corridor shows an implied preference that is contrary to the intent of the environmental process and that ignores a viable alternative worthy of consideration.

Fast, frequent and affordable intercity rail passenger service— High-Performance Rail (HPR)— is at the core of many integrated public transportation systems now operating in thriving regions around the world. Coupled with inter-community transportation connections, this regional transportation option offers:

  • Higher-than-conventional speeds that shorten travel time and allow for greater frequency in service;

  • Emphasis on existing infrastructure that lowers costs and shortens implementation timelines;

  • Less adverse impacts on the environment and on communities.

Download the brief, "Southwestern Ontario deserves a High-Speed Rail EA that considers all options," January 2018

Advocating for greater consultation for Ontario's high-speed rail proposal

April 19, 2018

Warden David Mayberry and CAO Peter Crockett submit a briefing note through Oxford MPP Ernie Hardeman and Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece asking the Ontario PC Party to adopt the position that a full and comparative assessment of alternatives to High Speed Rail must be considered within the High Speed Rail Environmental Assessment. Read the briefing note

March 23, 2018

Warden David Mayberry reiterates by letter Oxford County's position that a comprehensive EA for Ontario's high speed rail (HSR) proposal should encompass a full and comparative assessment of alternatives, including optimizing existing rail corridors to high-performance rail (HPR) operating standard. Read the letter

January 18, 2018: Letter to Premier and Ministers

Warden David Mayberry issues a letter and brief to Premier Kathleen Wynne, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Chris Ballard, and Minister of Transportation Kathryn McGarry outlining the County’s concerns about the Environmental Assessment for the Toronto-Windsor high-speed rail (HSR) proposal. Specifically, the County asks:

  • that the Environmental Assessment consider all options and alternatives; and,
  • that high-performance rail is considered as one of these options, having already demonstrated its effectiveness and efficiency as a core component of many integrated public transportation systems around the world.

Read the letter, "High Speed Rail (HSR) Environmental Assessment," January 18, 2018


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