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June 27, 2018
Council this Week: Highlights from the June 27 County Council agenda

Sustainability cluster next steps, 100% RE and Zero Waste Plan updates and more

Next step for sustainability cluster

Council will be asked to approve $200,000 from the County’s General Reserve next Council meeting for a capital funding campaign to support a proposed “sustainability cluster” in Courthouse Square in Woodstock. The centre would offer space for research, business, entrepreneurs, social enterprise and other initiatives that promote sustainable industries in Oxford County. A report by Impact Consulting (Pillar Nonprofit Network) shows there is interest in the community, but that estimated costs to establish the centre could reach $10 million. The requested funds will be used to undertake a capital funding campaign to secure financing for the project.
Read Council report CAO 2018-19–Sustainability Cluster - The Business Case


100% RE Plan update

The updated 100% Renewable Energy Plan is being presented to Council on June 27, continuing the County’s plans to meet or offset its total energy needs through renewable energy. Oxford’s approach includes mapping its energy demands, using advanced building standards, transforming to a “green” fleet, and pursuing net metering and virtual net metering. Council’s commitment to 100% renewable energy works to fulfill the aims of the Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan, which includes a goal to move away from fossil fuels and enhance low carbon transportation.
Read Council report CAO 2018-11–Advancing the 100% Renewable Energy Future


Zero Waste Plan update

Oxford’s updated plan to reduce waste production and maximize the recovery of resources from the waste stream—or, achieve “zero waste”-- is before Council next week. The plan reasserts the County’s position that the transition to zero waste is achievable, will preserve valuable landfill capacity, reduce Oxford’s carbon footprint, and further establish Oxford as a recognized leader in addressing climate change and community well-being.
Read Council report CAO 2018-12 – A Zero Waste Future


SouthwestLynx integrated transportation proposal

County staff will bring forward a report on June 27 that asks for approval for Oxford to take the lead on advancing a proposal for an integrated high-performance public transportation system for Southwestern Ontario. The SouthwestLynx proposal, developed by On Track Strategies for Oxford County, puts forward a viable, high-quality transportation connection to Toronto that optimizes existing rail corridors. This approach, referenced to as high-performance rail (HPR), is more cost-effective, practical and implementable than the current high-speed rail proposal. A SouthwestLynx service would also integrate inter-community bus service to improve transportation links for people living in smaller communities.
The Council report further asks for $175,000 from General Reserves to support a High Speed Rail EA Peer Review to ensure the interests of Oxford County and other rural communities are considered as part of the high-speed rail proposal’s environmental assessment process, and that HPR is considered as a viable alternative to HSR.
Read Council report CAO 2018-18–SouthwestLynx: Integrated High-Performance Public Transportation for Southwestern Ontario


Other reports and presentations

  • PW 2018-34 – Demolition of County-Owned Facility at 92 Light Street
  • PW 2018-33 – Advancing Zero Waste - Recommended Waste Recovery and Reduction Technology Approach
  • PW 2018-30 – Fleet Procurement: Replacement of Grader and Wheel Loader
  • PW 2018-16 – Rehabilitation of the Otterville Water Tower, 2018 Construction Contract
  • HS 2018-05 – Family Transition Pilot Program
  • HS 2018-06 – Development of County Surplus Lands at 300 Juliana Drive, Woodstock, ON
  • CS 2018-20 – Devonshire Ave and County Road 4 and Potters Road Sanitary Sewer and Watermain Projects – Internal Long-term Debt Issue
  • CS 2018-21 – Internal Debt Financing – East Zorra-Tavistock
  • CS 2018-22 – OILC Financing Application – South-West Oxford

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