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November 14, 2018
Council This Week: Highlights from the November 14 County Council agenda

Reserves policy, psychological health in the workplace, and more

Managing psychological health in the workplace

County Council will receive a report on November 14 outlining the County’s strategy to manage psychological health and safety in the workplace. A deliverable under the Human Resources 2018 – 2020 Our People, Our Strength plan, the psychological health and safety policy, handbook and management training provide a framework for the policies, programs and resources available to employees in the pursuit of positive mental wellbeing.The policy and framework enhance the County’s overall occupational health and safety program, supporting a more holistic view of workplace health and wellbeing.

Read Council report HR 2018-06 Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace – Policy and Handbook

Other reports and presentations

  • CP 2018-320 – Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision SB 18-08-1 – Ruth Wagner
  • CP 2018-324 – Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision SB18-07-3 - Norwich Pines Inc.
  • CS 2018-30 – Business Plan and Budget Review – 3rd Quarter
  • CS 2018-31 – Reserves Year End Allocations and Policy Review
  • CS 2018-32 – 2019 Insurance Program
  • CS 2018-33 – 2018 Auditor Appointment – Joint Public Health Board

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