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July 11, 2018
Council This Week: Highlights from the July 11 County Council agenda

2014-2018 term reports, proposed solar photovoltaic panel installation at the Woodstock Wastewater Treatment Plant and more

Solar panels to offset energy use at Woodstock Wastewater Treatment Plant  

Council will be asked to award a contract to install solar photovoltaic panels at 195 Admiral Street in Woodstock to offset energy use at the Woodstock Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The installation will result in 846,000 kWh of annual electricity generation and offset approximately 23% of the WWTP’s electricity consumption. Based on current market rates, it is estimated that the project discounted payback would be approximately 15-16 years and result in a positive net present value over the 30-year life expectancy. The anticipated project schedule is to commence in July 2018 and reach substantial completion by February 2019.

Read Council report PW 2018-37–Woodstock Wastewater Treatment Plant Solar PV Net-Metering 2018 Construction Contract

2014-2018 Term reports presented from Boards and Committees of Council

Oxford County Council will receive term reports prepared by each of the existing Boards and Committees of Council outlining achievements and accomplishments from the current term, and providing recommendations for the next term of office. Upon approval of the report, the Clerk will prepare to publicly advertise lay appointments for the Accessibility Advisory Committee, the Agricultural and Planning Advisory Committee, the Cycling Advisory Committee, the Land Division Committee and the Library Board. Councillor appointments will be considered at the first regular meeting of Council on December 12, 2018, followed by lay person appointments in January 2019.

Read Council report CAO 2018-15–Boards and Committees of Council Terms of Reference and Term Reports

Bylaw to declare parts of abandoned railway corridors as surplus lands

Council will be asked to enact a by-law to declare parts of the County-owned abandoned railway corridors as surplus lands to authorize sale through negotiations with adjacent landowners. The subject lands include surplus flank lands along the Trans Canada Trail corridor that are not required as part of the trail/utility corridor. A public meeting is scheduled for the July 11 County Council meeting to consider the bylaw.

Read Council report PW 2018-35–Abandoned Railway Corridors – Declaration of Surplus Lands

Other reports and presentations

  • Public meeting – Draft plan of subdivision: SB 18-02-7 Oxnard Development – Tillsonburg
  • Public meeting – Declaration of surplus lands – parts of Abandoned Railway Corridor
  • Delegation – Canadian Blood Services
  • Delegation – partner update on SCOR project
  • Delegation – Oxford Community Sustainability Bursary Recipient
  • CP 2018-192 – Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision SB 18-02-7 – 2385667 Ontario Limited
  • PW 2018-36 – Oxford Road 20 (North Street – Tillsonburg) Sewage Pumping Station, 2018 Construction Contract
  • PW 2018-38 – Watermain Replacement – Third Concession Road & Simcoe Street, Norfolk County, 2018 Construction Contract
  • PW 2018-39 –Innerkip Water Treatment Facility Pressure Filters Media Replacement
  • Briefing Note – Supplemental information re PW 2018-16
  • PS 2018-02 – Revised Medical Tiered Response Agreements Zorra & Norwich
  • CS 2018-23 – Public Health – Audited Financial Statement – April 30
  • PW 2018-16 – Rehabilitation of the Otterville Water Tower, 2018 Construction Contract

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