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March 28, 2018
Council this Week - Highlights from the March 28 County Council agenda

Funding for electric vehicle charging stations, Public Works annual reporting and an update on the Trans Canada Trail

Workplace electric vehicle funding

Oxford County is the recipient of $97,500 in provincial funding to install 13 electric vehicle chargers across six County work sites in Tillsonburg, Ingersoll and Woodstock. Administered under the Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program (WEVCIP), the installation requires a $30,000 contribution from the County for the 13 chargers, which will enhance Oxford’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure and complement work already completed here under the Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario (EVCO) program. Council is being asked at the March 28 Council meeting to authorize staff to execute the necessary agreements with the Province to move ahead with the installations.

Read Council report PW 2018-10–Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program (WEVCIP)

2017 Public Works annual reports for waste management and wastewater systems

County Council will receive the 2017 Annual Wastewater Treatment Plant Reports and the 2017 Biosolids Annual Report at the March 28 Council meeting. Last year, seven of the County’s nine municipal wastewater systems achieved 100% compliance and two systems received 99% compliance, demonstrating continued outstanding performance of the County’s wastewater systems. 

Council is also receiving the 2017 Annual Waste Management Reports, which show the County’s facilities and operations performed well in 2017 and met all governmental requirements. The reports indicate that out of the approximately 91,300 tonnes of waste generated in Oxford County in 2017, roughly 63,000 tonnes were processed and managed at the County’s waste management facility while the remaining 28,300 tonnes were exported out-of-County for recycling or to private landfills. With the amount of waste processed and curbside residential waste diversion rate (59%) similar to 2016 figures, there is no change in the estimated life expectancy of the landfill to 2063.

The Council report also highlights the County’s proposed technology to recover at least 90% of material currently landfilled. The proposal would help achieve Oxford’s commitment to Zero Waste and extend the landfill life from 2063 to 2100. Community feedback is currently being sought through Speak Up, Oxford! at

Read Council reports PW 2018-09–2017 Annual Wastewater System Performance and PW 2018-08–2017 Annual Waste Management Reports

2018 Tax policy review

A report on 2018 tax policy returns to Council on March 28 for review before the County’s proposed by-laws are brought forward on April 11. Highlights of the report include options for continuing to reduce the multi-residential property class tax ratio to finally meet the maximum threshold of 2.0 by 2020; available tools to support municipalities in opting out of business property class tax capping; and an analysis of how reducing the farm class tax ratio would impact the tax levy across all property classes.

Read Council report CS 2018-08–2018 Tax Policy Review

Trans Canada Trail construction

Oxford County Council is being asked to approve the transfer of $330,000 in unspent 2017 approved Trans Canada Trail budget be carried over into 2018 to complete remaining trail work, and also to authorize construction of an extension of the Trans Canada Trail in Tillsonburg. Remaining trail work includes modifying the Otter Creek bridge, signage, fencing, and trail connection at Fourth to North Trail. The Trans Canada Trail link in Oxford County provides a vital connection in the national trail network that extends from coast to coast in Canada, and advances the County-wide trail network that promotes tourism, recreation, and low carbon transportation.

Read Council report PW 2018-11–Trans Canada Trail Update and Proposed Trail Extension

Other reports and presentations

  • Public meeting – Renewal of On-Site Sewage System Management Agreements
  • Public meeting – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP17-02-3 – 1340828 Ontario Inc.
  • Delegation – Oxford County Federation of Agriculture: Agricultural tax ratio
  • PHES 2018-07 Renewal of On-Site Sewage System Management Agreements with Area Municipalities – Building Code Part 8
  • CP 2018-78 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP17-02-3 – 1340828 Ontario Inc.
  • PW 2018-07 – Contract Award for County Courthouse Roof Replacement – Phase 2

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