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March 14, 2018
Council this Week - Highlights from the March 14 County Council agenda

Exploring new technology to reduce the amount of waste going to the County's landfill and a resolution asking for municipal-level approval for new landfill developments

Waste recovery and reduction technology evaluation

County Council will receive an update on Phase 2 of the Waste Recovery and Reduction Technology Assessment next Council meeting, a report that identifies the County’s preferred approach to extending the life of its current landfill from 2063 to 2100.

The preferred option, Enhanced Material Recovery and Biological Treatment, has the potential to divert as much as 90% of material headed to landfill to markets for recyclables, organics and recoverables. The option was singled out from 20 vendor submissions using the Future Oxford Multi-Criteria Assessment Tool, a guide for weighing community, economy and environmental criteria to arrive at the most sustainable option for a decision point. Input and consultation from the community-led Zero Waste Oxford, a sub-committee of Future Oxford, has been a part of the evaluation from the start.

Public Works is putting forward as next steps sharing the report with area municipalities and seeking broader public input through a community engagement campaign that would include a town hall meeting with a web-streaming option, public drop-in centres, and online input through Speak Up, Oxford!

Read Council report PW 2018-05 – Advancing Zero Waste: A Waste Recovery and Reduction Technology Assessment Update


Right to approve landfills

Council will consider on March 14 legal and staff opinion on a proposed resolution first put forward in November 2017 by Oxford People Against the Landfill (OPAL), along with a new resolution put forward by County staff. The original proposed resolution asks the Province to require municipal-level approval for all new landfill developments. A similar proposal was also introduced as a Private Members Bill by Oxford County MPP Ernie Hardeman on March 1, 2018.

The staff report raises some considerations, such as the fact that such a change, which would apply to both private and public sector landfill development, could put the County in conflict with its own obligations under the Municipal Act. Legal implications will be presented to Council in a closed session report, also part of the March 14 Council meeting.

The Council report further puts forward a proposed resolution for Council to ask the Province to undertake a legislative review process for the approval of landfill proposals in Ontario, including an assessment of the potential to allow a separate municipal consent requirement.

Read Council report CAO 2018-05 – Proposed Council Resolution – Municipal “Right to Approve” Landfill Developments


Other reports and presentations

·Delegation – Ben Le Fort, Ontario Federation of Agriculture: Farm Assessments and Taxes

·CS 2018-06 – 2018 Tax Policy

·CS 2018-07 – OILC Financing Application: Zorra Township

·CAO 2018-04 – Procedure By-law Amendments: Bill 68 Updates

·PHES 2018-06 – Revised Medical Tiered Response Agreement for the Township of East Zorra-Tavistock


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