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June 05, 2015
Council this Week | Highlights from the June 10 County Council agenda
Implementing the 10-Year Shelter Plan, infrastructure financing and appointing a Deputy Treasurer is on council's agenda.

Implementing the 10-Year Shelter Plan

County Council will be asked to approve Oxford’s 10-Year Shelter Plan at the June 10 County Council meeting, along with the plan to prioritize, fund and implement the plan’s recommendations.

Started in the fall of 2013, the plan will guide the development and delivery of shelter and shelter services in the County with the aim that all residents have access to affordable, appropriate and stable housing and, from stable housing, an opportunity for improved quality of life.

Municipalities are required to develop local 10-year housing and homelessness plans under the Housing Services Act, 2012. Oxford’s consultation for the 10-Year Shelter Plan took place in the fall of 2013 through consultation with community partners, focus groups, interviews, survey participants and, as a last step, provincial review.

More information:Read Council Report HS 2015-07 in the June 10 County Council agenda

OILC financing for County and Norwich infrastructure projects

County Council will be asked June 10 to authorize long-term financing through the Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation (OILC) for two projects: LED streetlight conversion in the Township of Norwich ($616,310) and aeration system repair at the Tavistock wastewater treatment plant

OILC’s infrastructure renewal loan program provides low-cost, longer term financing to municipalities to meet critical municipal infrastructure priorities.

More information:Read Council Report CS 2015-21 in the June 10 County Council agenda

Next step in North Street reconstruction in Tillsonburg<

Council will be asked for approval to award the contract for the central part of construction on North Street in Tillsonburg to Elgin Construction for $2.5 million. This work will include road reconstruction including bicycle lanes, sanitary sewer and sanitary forcemain, storm sewer and watermain.

Council approved moving ahead with an environmental assessment for infrastructure improvements to North Street in July 2013. Construction began in 2014 and is expected to be completed in 2016.

More information:Read Council Report PW 2015-29 in the June 10 County Council agenda

Appointment of Deputy Treasurer

Council will be asked to approve a by-law next Council meeting appointing the Manager of Finance as the Deputy Treasurer, acting with the powers and duties of the Treasurer in the Treasurer’s absence. This change follows a renewed emphasis on succession planning under the County’s recently adopted “Our People, Our Strength” plan.

Previously, the Deputy Treasurer role was fulfilled by the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). With that function now removed, an amended by-law is also required to update responsibilities of the CAO.

More information:Read Council Report CS 2015-22 in the June 10 County Council agenda

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