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March 21, 2014
Council this Week | Highlights from the March 26 County Council agenda
Community-driven sustainability plan, annual waste management reports, Woodingford Lodge service review recommendations

Council to discuss proposal for community-driven sustainability plan


The creation of a grassroots sustainability action plan that would guide decision-making on a range of social, environmental and financial issues-- including waste management and potential new landfill development-- is at the core of the proposal outlined in Council Report CAO 2014-04.


The report is County staff’s response to a resolution last October asking Planning to look into amending the County’s Official Plan to deter or discourage new landfill development. The Community Sustainability and Action Plan is proposed as the best chance for success at a potential Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing, where past experience has shown Official Plan policies not created through solid background studies are often unsuccessful. The OMB is the provincial body that adjudicates disputes or appeals related to municipal planning.


The report before Council explains the rationale for taking this approach, and proposes how the community and elected officials would become involved in building Oxford’s “triple bottom line,” an equation that balances the social, environmental and financial interests of a community through long-range planning.


More information: Read Council Report CAO 2014-04 in the March 26 agenda



2013 Annual Waste Management reports highlight residential waste diversion


County Council will receive the 2013 Annual Waste Management reports on March 26. Highlights from last year’s activity include:


  • Approximately 20,000 tonnes of waste was diverted from the Oxford County Landfill at Salford for recycling.  
  • Roughly 6,500 tonnes of residential blue box material was collected.  
  • Oxford County anticipates an overall 55% residential waste diversion rate for 2013. 
  • There were no complaints, operational concerns or adverse impacts on the environment at any of the County-operated waste management facilities last year.

The 2013 reports will be posted to


More information: Read Council Report PW 2014-12 in the March 26 agenda



Council asked to approve unanticipated capital expenditure for Woodstock water system


Public Works is asking Council for approval to move ahead on two unanticipated capital projects in Woodstock this year: replacing a watermain at the Wilson Street CN crossing and installing a new transmission main on Sixth Avenue. The $360,000 needed to fund both projects would be drawn from Woodstock’s water reserve.


More information: Read Council Report PW 2014-13 in the March 26 agenda



Council to consider application to water capacity buy-back program


County Council will be asked on March 26 to approve a Water Capacity Buy-Back application by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Company. The application seeks $141,900 in cost-sharing to fund three water efficiency projects at the Woodstock plant which, combined, would conserve enough water to support two years of growth in the city.

The County’s Water Capacity Buy-Back Program encourages industrial, commercial and institutional customers to pursue water efficiency measures through a cost-sharing incentive with the municipality.

More information: Read Council Report PW 2014-14 in the March 26 agenda



Recommendations from Woodingford Lodge service review presented to Council


County Council will have an opportunity next Council meeting to discuss the seven options considered for the future of Woodingford Lodge. The approach coming out of the service review for the long-term care facility recommends that the County continue operating Woodingford as it has been, while at the same time continuing to pursue operating efficiencies and advocate for reform in how the province regulates municipal long-term care.

The service review looked at several factors in arriving at its recommendation, including:

  • the opportunity to further coordinate services with Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital and Alexandra Hospital;
  • the financial and service implications of a full range of long-term care delivery options; and
  • the value of being able to influence the retention of long-term care beds in Oxford County in light of potential consolidation of private facilities, such as the transfer of 80 beds from the former Bonnie Brae operation in Tavistock to facilities outside of the County.


Woodingford’s service review started one year ago in March 2013. For past updates, visit


More information: Read Council Report CAO 2014-05 in the March 26 agenda



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