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Early learning/school readiness

The Thames Valley Neighbourhood Early Learning Program (TVNELP) was developed to help three-year olds and their parents make the transition to junior kindergarten.

TV NELP is offered at 13 public and Catholic schools in Oxford County this year. These events allow parents and their child to visit the school and learn about supports and programs that help promote healthy child development.

This year, a public health nurse will be in attendance at each TV NELP to discuss nutrition, physical activity, growth and development and other health issues at an interactive display for parents and their children.

Visit the Thames Valley District School Board website for more information.

Developmental Screening before school entry using the 
Nipissing District Developmental Screen

A "Developmental Screen" is a short checklist of some of the most important skills that a child should master by a particular age. A Developmental Screen is not used to make a diagnosis and it is not meant to be a formal assessment of the child's skills -- but rather a quick survey to determine any areas that may require some extra help.

The primary reason to administer Developmental Screens is to identify those children who may need some extra help with learning age-appropriate skills. It is understood that early intervention has a positive effect on the child's development, behaviour and later school performance. The Nipissing District Developmental Screen is a quick, parent-completed tool that can identify children that may benefit from early intervention before they begin kindergarten. Parents may have received a Nipissing Screen in the Let’s Grow packages mailed out periodically by Public Health since their child was born. 

Access an online version of this tool.

Parents who answer one or more questions on the screen with a “No” response should follow up with their healthcare provider for further assessment.