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If you are using municipal water through the County of Oxford, your water has already been tested for fluoride. Water reports for the County’s 19 water systems with full testing results can be found in the Public Works section of the website under Drinking Water | Annual Reports.

The County of Oxford tests municipal water for fluoride once every five years. When drinking water tests above the 1.5 mg/L level, the Ministry of the Environment and the Medical Officer of Health (Public Health) are notified. The Medical Officer of Health raises public awareness and also notifies doctors, dentists and other health professionals in the community.

Drinking water that tests above 1.5 mg/L but less than 2.4 mg/L is safe to drink, although it is recommended that in this case you limit exposure to other sources of fluoride, especially in homes with young children.

If you have private well water and are expecting a baby, or if you have children under the age of seven, your water should be tested three times a year for bacteria and once a year for fluoride and nitrates. Bacterial testing is offered for free by Oxford County Public Health. Testing for fluoride and nitrates is done through private labs.

Government of Ontario – List of Licensed Laboratories

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