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Fluoride is a mineral found naturally in soil, plants and water. Most Canadians are also exposed to fluorides every day through the foods they eat; from using dental products like toothpaste or mouthwash; or through their drinking water. Research has shown that fluoride protects teeth against tooth decay.

Fluoride is naturally present in the water in Oxford County. In some parts of the County-- such as Brownsville, Ingersoll, Lakeside, Springford and some areas with private well water-- natural fluoride in the drinking water is higher than in other areas. The County of Oxford does not add fluoride to its municipal water system.

There is a health benefit to fluoride. Fluoride is a proven way to prevent cavities, a common worldwide health problem that can lead to tooth pain and tooth loss, periodontal diseases or serious infections. Health benefit of fluoride

If you live in an area with natural fluoride and you have young children, you should limit your child’s exposure to other sources of fluoride. This is because high levels of fluoride can  cause pits or stains in teeth while they are forming in the gums. More about fluorosis

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