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Pools and spas

The operation of public pools and spas is governed by Ontario regulations 565/90 and 428/05 respectively under the Health Protection and Promotion Act, R.S.O 1990, c.H.7.

Pool and spa operator responsibilities

Pool and spa owners and operators are legally responsible for operating and maintaining pools and spas according to provincial requirements. Not complying with these requirements puts the health and safety of "bathers"  (swimmers and spa clients) at risk of acquiring recreational water illnesses, like  E. coli, or injuries, like cuts, sprains, or even drowning.

Public Health responsibilities

Public health inspectors carry out routine inspections of all pools and spas in our community to ensure compliance with Ontario's mandatory regulations. To help pool and spa operators meet health and safety requirements, Public Health maintains a pool operator manual and a spa operator manual.

Public health inspectors are available to operators for consultation on public health compliance standards, or to answer questions or concerns from the public. To reach an inspector, please call Public Health at 519-421-9901.

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