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West Nile virus in Oxford County

West Nile virus was first identified in Oxford County in 2002. Since that time, Oxford County Public Health & Emergency Services has been working to limit people’s exposure to West Nile virus in Oxford County through:

  • Surveillance, which uses research and evidence to understand the presence and pattern of the disease in our community;
  • Public education through the website, media, advertising and marketing materials; and
  • Mosquito control, which involves larviciding with approved pesticides if or when necessary.

Program results

Public Health bases its West Nile virus program on what it learned from the previous year’s program both in Oxford County and across southwestern Ontario.

In 2013, this program involved setting up and monitoring mosquito traps to understand the mosquito population in our community.

For 16 weeks, Public Health submitted up to 10 traps weekly for viral testing, for a total of 167 traps containing mosquitoes. None of the mosquitoes in those traps tested positive for West Nile virus.

In 2012, seven mosquito pools tested positive for WNV. For this reason, larviciding was necessary in 2012. Public Health also studied what types of species were being found in the area in 2012. 

The West Nile virus program is managed by a program manager who leads a team of public health inspectors, public health nurses, an epidemiologist, a GIS (mapping) programmer/analyst and university co-op students.

Reporting standing water
Reporting dead birds 


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