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Water safety

From May 1, 2010 to the beginning of August 2010, there have been 237 drowning deaths in Canada. Fifty-four of those have been in Ontario.

The number of near-drownings is not known, but it is suspected that this figure is high.

Risk of drowning is not restricted to any one segment of the population, although there are certain higher risk groups. All children are at risk, but the 0 – 5 yr. is at special risk and adult males.

“The drowning report consistently shows that 80 per cent of drowning victims are male and 95 per cent of victims were not wearing a lifejacket or PFD,” (Lifesaving Society). 

Water safety tips:

  • ALWAYS be within arms’ reach of young children, when around water
  • Always closely supervise older children, when around water
  • Children who cannot swim or swim poorly should wear PDF (lifejacket)
  • Beware of waters with unknown depths, currents and undertows. These can overcome even the strongest swimmer.
  • Alcohol and water do not mix. Do not drink when swimming or boating.
  • Always wear a PDF (lifejacket) when in a boat.

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