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Seat belts

Buckle Up! It is the law!

Every person in the vehicle must be buckled in, one person to one seat belt.

  • Proper use of seat belts reduces the risk of serious injury or death in the event of a crash.
  • An unbelted person can become a projectile and severely injure or kill other people in the car.

Seat belt should:

  • Be snug to the body
  • Shoulder portion should be over the shoulder and across the chest 
  • Lap portion should be across the hip bones, touching the upper thighs

Should NOT be:

  • Under the arm or behind the back
  • Placed across the soft tissues of the stomach


To safely use a seat belt a child should have 29 inch sitting height and be able to sit with their legs comfortably bent at the edge of the seat. The lap belt should be across the hips and touching the thighs (not across the stomach) and the shoulder belt centred across the shoulder and chest.

It must never be placed under the arm or behind the back.

  • The child is safest sitting in a booster seat until this fit can be achieved.

After market add-ons are not recommended. Any device that attaches the lap portion to the shoulder portion increases the risk of the lap belt being pulled up to cross the soft abdominal area.

Vist the Ministry of Transportation for more information about wearing seat belts properly.