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No more accidents


Did you know that:

9 out of 10 injuries are due to incidents that are both predictable and preventable?

Each year, injuries cost Ontarians $6.8 billion, or more than $550 for every citizen?

Every hour of every day, more than 135 Ontarians enter an emergency department with an injury?

(Economic Burden of Injury in Canada, Ontario Chapter 2009)


Accidents are defined as unforeseen or unexpected events. Yet 90 – 95% of injuries could have been prevented.  A decision was made: to drive too fast or to send a text while driving or to wear dark clothing while walking at night or to not wear a helmet or to ski off-trail or to not get proper training ….


“Accident” is misleading.


Drop the “A” word and call it what it is … collision, crash, fall, incident …

Texting and driving