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In your transportation

Getting On/Off a Bus

  • Always keep one hand free so you can use the handrail
  • Ask the driver to wait until you are seated before s/he drives away from the curb
  • If possible, sit in the priority seating area at the front of the bus
  • Wait until the bus has stopped before standing up
  • Choose a bus with a low floor and fold-out ramps, if you use a walking aid

Getting in 

  • Open the door
  • Back up to the seat
  • Holding on to the side of the car, or dashboard, slowly lower yourself into the seat
  • Slide back and lift your legs into the car

Getting out

  • Turn and slide to the edge of the seat
  • Lift your legs out, placing your feet flat on the ground
  • Stand up using the back of the seat and the armrest
  • Pause; get your balance, and then move

Safety tips

  • Consider getting a handy bar, car aid tool that can help with getting in and out
  • Use a step stool with non-slip feet for getting in and out of trucks, vans or SUVs

This information was brought to you by Finding Balance, developed by the Alberta Center for Injury Control and Research and the Alberta Medical Association.