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Student resources

Welcome to our student resources page! Here you can find our online exhibits and digital material that corresponds to our school programs. Click on the program that you are participating in to find our available resources.

The Criminal Trial of Reginald Birchall

Old Benwell Photo
This educational resource was developed by the Oxford County Archives. – 2019.

Volunteer opportunities

The Oxford County Archives provides high school students with an excellent opportunity to complete their mandatory volunteer hours. Volunteer positions at the archives are ideal for students who are interested in gaining experience in an office/administrative setting, have an interest in history and/or would like to work on hands-on projects.

Examples of volunteer work includes arranging and describing archival records, conducting historical research, transcribing historical journals, ledgers, and letters with the potential to translate letters from French to English, helping with outreach programs, creating activity pages and crafts, and conservation work.