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Township of Norwich Zoning By-Law No. 07-2003-Z

The Township of Norwich Zoning By-Law controls the use of land by dividing the municipality into different land use zones with detailed maps, specifying the uses permitted in each zone, specifying where buildings and other structures can be located, stating the types of buildings that are permitted and how they may be used, as well as specifying lot sizes and dimensions, parking requirements, building heights and setbacks from the street.

The contents of the Zoning By-Law reflect the latest consolidation of zoning by-law amendments. For up to date information on a specific property, please contact the area municipality.

 TitleDescriptionModified DateSize
Application, Administration, Enforcement Section 110/6/201113.83 KB
Interpretation Section 210/6/201118.38 KB
ZonesSection 310/6/201110.96 KB
DefinitionsSection 48/17/2016319.91 KB
General Provisions Section 58/17/2016322.26 KB
Limited Agricultural (A1) Section 68/17/2016111.14 KB
General Agricultural (A2) Section 78/17/2016206.97 KB
Agri-Business (AB)Section 88/17/2016330.33 KB
Rural Residential (RR) Section 92/6/201547.14 KB
Residential Existing Lot (RE)Section 10 8/17/201646.13 KB
Residential Type 1 (R1) Section 118/17/2016175.07 KB
Residential Type 2 (R2)Section 127/14/201426.23 KB
Residential Type 3 (R3) Section 1310/13/201531.80 KB
Village (V) Section 1411/3/201443.85 KB
Central Commercial (CC)Section 157/14/201435.69 KB
Highway Commercial (HC) Section 167/14/201440.12 KB
Restricted Industrial (MR) Section 174/12/201649.94 KB
General Industrial (MG) Section 1810/13/201545.63 KB
Aggregate Industrial (ME) Section 197/14/201420.31 KB
Development (D) Section 208/17/2016252.95 KB
Institutional (I)Section 218/12/201430.64 KB
Recreational (REC) Section 227/14/201435.94 KB
Open Space (OS) Section 237/14/201424.97 KB
Approval Section 2410/6/20117.39 KB
Key MapsSchedule A621.46 KB
Site Plan RegisterSchedule B 5.20 KB
Parking Space RequirementsSchedule C58.25 KB
Accessible Parking StandardsSchedule C-3482.56 KB
Airport Height RestrictionsSchedule D89.46 KB
Groundwater Recharge Areas and Aquatic Habitat ProSchedule E 1.00 MB