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Growth Management

The Oxford County Population Household and Employment Forecasts and Employment Lands Study, was adopted by County Council on March 12 2014, following a lengthy consultation period. These forecasts represent the most current Council adopted growth assumptions for the County and eight Area Municipalities within the County and will be used to inform potential policy revisions being considered by the County as part of the Official Plan review process, as well as various other County and Area Municipal projects and initiatives.

Any questions or comments regarding the growth forecasts or the Official Plan Review should be directed to the Manager of Strategic Policy Planning.

Vacant Land Study

 2009 Vacant Land Study

The Oxford County Vacant Lands Study provides an overview of the position of the County and area municipalities with respect to the residential and employment lands supply objectives contained in the County Official Plan and growth related policies of the Provincial Policy Statement, as of April 1st, 2009. The Vacant Lands Study does not provide, nor is it intended to provide, an indication of the current availability of lands for sale or development.

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Date Released: November 2009

About Community Planning

Community Planning involves reviewing development proposals and using planning tools to help balance social and economic interests while preserving and protecting the natural assets of our community.

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