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Land Division Committee

Applications for consent or consent and minor variance are received and processed by the County Land Division Committee for proposals which involve the severance or division of property within the County. The Committee is comprised of seven lay members.

The Land Division Committee of Oxford County Council normally meets once a month on the first Thursday of the month in the Council Chambers of the County Administration Building.  All meetings are open to the public  If you wish to attend a meeting, please reference the current agenda for the start time of the meeting.

Agendas, Minutes and Reports for Land Division Committee Meetings can be found here on this site.  If you wish to view the conditions and reasons of a particular decision on an application, please see the minutes of the appropriate meeting.  If you wish to receive a copy of the decision, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer of the Land Division Committee.

               Committee Members:

                Gordon Brumby
                Harvey Elliott
                Brian George
                Mark Hacon
                Russell Jull
                Thomas Rock
                Arend Tenhove

 Contact the Committee:

 Phone: (519) 539-9800 ext.  3212 
 Fax: (519) 421-4712 
 Email us!

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